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At Black Hills Auto Grooming, our detailing department offers quality automotive detailing services for all makes and models of vehicles. Our
Interior details include shampoo, vacuum, glass, dash, center console, between doors removing of all dirt, filth and pet hair.
Exterior details including engine, wheels, tires, body, lights, and wax. 
Our proffesionals will have your vehicle looking and smelling brand new like the day you bought it.
We are committed to providing honest and reliable detailing services, exceptional customer service, and reasonable prices. Contact us for more information on available services or to schedule your automotive detailing appointment.

Polish and Buff

Polishing is a process in which large scratches are covered by smaller and smaller scratches until those scratches are no longer visible to the naked eye. This will keep your car’s paint looking good up to a point, but eventually, the unevenness of the paint surface and damage caused by exposure to the elements will make it look dull. That’s where buffing comes in.

Buffing uses polishing compounds, but it removes a thin layer of paint from the surface of body panels, taking scratches and damaged paint along with it. The result is a smooth, fresh paint surface that brings back the car’s shine.

If polishing and cleaning your car’s paint isn’t bringing back its shine, it’s time to buff. However, buffing isn’t a one-step process: once the paint is flat, it will still have microscopic scratches that will need to be polished out, and then the tiny scratches left over need to be filled in with a glaze to get the best shine. When you have your car Black Hills Auto Grooming, we go through all three steps to give your car the best finish possible.

Buffing isn’t just for old paint, either. A new paint job won’t have a perfectly smooth surface, so it needs the same care to get the finish you’d expect from fresh paint.

Polish and Buff

Head Light Restoration

In the past, replacing scratched, clouded or yellowed plastic headlight covers was an expensive necessity in order to preserve safety. With our restoration service, vehicle owners can shine and restore plastic lenses – including headlights, tail lights, fog and directional lights – to like-new condition for a fraction of the cost.

Plastic components can yellow and haze with weather, sun and sand, limiting visibility and diminishing the appearance and value of your vehicle. 

Black Hills Auto Grooming has what you're looking for. Contact us today for more information about our restoration services

Head Light Restoration